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180 Smoke’s Tobacco & Vaping Products Act (TVPA) Submission – April 2022

Submission in response to: Consultation on the Legislative Review of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act on March 16, 2022 April 27, 2022 Submitted by: Christina Pan, COO, Delota Corp. To: Manager, Legislative Review Office of Policy and Strategic Planning Tobacco Control Directorate CSCB, Health Canada 0301A-150 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9 Email: legislativereviewtvpa.revisionlegislativeltpv@hc-sc.gc.ca  […]

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The 180 Take: Is Synthetic Nicotine the Real Deal?

As we are all-too-well aware, there are many rules and regulations implemented in society that just don’t seem to make sense. For instance, rumour has it that in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa, there is a law stipulating that residents can’t paint their garage doors purple. Nor can you let your lawn grow longer than […]

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The 180 Take: Let’s Clear the Smoke

At 180 Smoke, we believe the people who work within a given industry have a duty to educate and inform their audience about responsible consumption/participation/use, ultimately providing insight to help their customers make choices that make the most sense for them. With that in mind, we’re excited to share the news about Imperial Tobacco Canada’s Clear […]

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The 180 Take: Smoke-free and sustainable!

Introducing the 180 Smoke recycling partnership with RBH… We’re pretty excited to announce that we have officially launched the Smoke-Free Recycling Program in partnership with Rothman’s, Benson & Hedges (RBH). While helping people transition to a smoke-free life is important, doing it in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way is just as, if not more, impactful. To that end, […]

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The 180 Take: Education, not restriction – More discussion on flavour bans

In early January, the CBC reported that The Northwest Territories is planning on implementing a ban on most flavoured vape products starting in March 2022, with supporters of the plan pointing to youth safety as the primary driver. The region would join Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P.E.I. in banning vaping flavours other than tobacco, […]

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Vaping News Weekly Update March 9, 2020

NZ’s Attorney-General is against the country’s blanket ban on e-cigarette advertisements New Zealand recently introduced the long-awaited Vaping Amendment Bill, but the country’s Attorney-General, David Parker, has pushed back against the bill. According to Parket, the ban on advertisements in the bill would be “inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression’ under the Bill […]

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