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This website hosts promotional and sales material for
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Best Vape Battery Charger - 180 Smoke

Best Vape Battery Charger

Sep 10, 2019 | E-cigarette/Vape Kits, How-to Guides, Vaping, Vaping Wiki, Vaporizers

Regardless of how often you use your device, there comes a time when its battery starts to run low and needs to be charged. If you’re using a device with any sort of removable battery, it’s almost always recommended you remove your batteries from your vape and charge them externally. While the majority of modern vape mods do come with a charge port on the device, if you’re looking to preserve the life and performance of your batteries you absolutely need to have an external charger. If you dont have one, you can pick up a vape battery charger online at 180Smoke.ca. Beyond preserving the performance of you battery, using an external charger can help with battery safety and can prevent accidental discharges.

What to look for in a battery charger

Besides the number of charging bays, there are several other key features to consider when looking at an external vape battery charger. Generally speaking, most vapers look for chargers that can provide a safe, accurate, and quick charge to their batteries. It should be noted that while most chargers will accept a standard 18650 battery, vapers using something like a 20700 and 21700 will need to find specialized or more modern chargers.

Battery charging basics

Charging a battery is a fairly simple and straightforward process, but there are some things to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your battery and yourself.

  • Do: Always place your battery in negative side first
  • Do: Remove batteries when finished charging
  • Do: Only use the provided cable to connect your charger to an outlet
  • Do: Charge your batteries before first use
  • Do: Make sure the charger is compatible with your battery chemistry
  • Do not: Force larger batteries into a charger that will not fit them
  • Do not: Leave charged batteries in your charger for an extended amount of time
  • Do not: Modify your charger in any way
  • Do not: Use chargers for wrong battery chemistry
  • Do not: Charge batteries with damaged wrappers due to fire hazard
  • Do not: Charge replaceable cells via on-board USB ports in vape device

Nitecore D4 Digicharger – Universal Digital Battery Charger

Designed to charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously, the Nitecore D4 Digicharger is a universal intelligent charger that can safely and efficiently recharge your mod’s batteries. Compatible with any 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 26650, and much more, the D4 will intelligently detect what type of battery you’re using and will select the appropriate charging mode accordingly. Each of the D4’s slots are managed independently, allowing users to charge different batteries at the same time.


  • 4 battery charging bays
  • Integrated LCD panel showcases charging parameters and progress
  • Made of durable ABS which is fire retardant and flame resistant
  • Optimized charging for IMR batteries

Nitecore D2 Digicharger – Universal Digital Battery Charger

Built to be the smaller brother of the Nitecore D4, the Nitecore D2 Digicharger packs in the same features, but is built to only handle 2 batteries at a time. Compatible with any 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 26650 battery. The charger also features intelligent safety mechanisms that detect the battery’s chemistry and will adjust its charging mode to the safest option. The charger also contains an intelligent automatic power-off function which terminates the charging once the battery is full, this feature helps prevent overcharging and damage to the battery due to heat from charging.


  • 2 battery charging bays
  • Intelligent cut-off circuitry
  • Compatibility with a large range of batteries
  • Compatible with LiFePO4 batteries

Nitecore Universal Single Charger UM10 USB

Built to handle just a single battery, the Nitecore UM10 may seem like a fairly limited device, but it instead focuses on portability and convenience. The Nitecore UM10 is only capable of charging a single battery at a time, but carries over a lot of the features seen in Nitecore’s larger models. This includes intelligent power management, optimized charging for IMR batteries, intelligent power distribution, and much more. The charger also comes with a USB output plug, allowing for data transfer and the ability to use the chargers as an external power bank with a battery inserted.


  • USB powered
  • Intelligent power management systems
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Constructed from fire retardant materials

Why we chose these products

Battery chargers are necessary for any external battery and using them properly can greatly increase the performance and overall life of your device. While there are plenty of options available on the market, the ones featured on this list have some of the most innovative features, and all come in at a relatively affordable price. Whether you’re looking to recharge a single battery, or a whole collection of them, you’ll be sure to find something on this list to easily and efficiently accomplish the task.

Reviewed By Sean Brady

Sean is the E-Commerce Manager for 180 Smoke Vape Store, and has worked with the company since 2016. He has a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration (UPEI 2009), a background in culinary arts with a focus on pastry, and agricultural roots. Sean also manages Customer Services and works closely with the Supply Chain and Warehouse divisions to ensure 180 Smoke is on the leading edge with product offerings, and delivers the upmost satisfaction to their customers.