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This website hosts promotional and sales material for
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Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Vape Kit - 180 Smoke

Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Before you select your first vape or e-cigarette kit, there are some factors you should think about that can have a major impact on your experience and satisfaction. Let’s go over the factors that will help you select the best starter kit for you.

Pod vs. Pen vs. Box Mod

First, what shape would you like your e-cigarette kit to be? Vape kits will come in different shapes and sizes, but have three primary styles: pod vapes, pen vapes, and box vapes.

Pod vapes are normally the simplest design of the three. For the most part, they are buttonless, easy to use, rechargeable, and a great option for beginners. Some pod vapes come pre-filled with e-liquid, while others will allow you to refill them with your own e-liquid. The downside to pods is that, essentially, they are non-customizable and non-upgradeable.

Pen vapes are named for the way that they are designed—they are long, thin, pen-like devices. Vape pens are refillable and rechargeable, and are often larger than pod vapes, allowing them to have a longer battery life. While some pen vapes can have adjustable power features, their overall customizability and upgradability are limited.

Box mod vapes give you the most features and variability. The battery (or ‘mod’ section) of these devices will usually have a cuboid shape, earning it the label of box vape. These devices contain a small computer chip that allows for a digital display screen, as well as many other features to personalize your vaping experience.

Mouth to Lung vs. Direct to Lung

Another important thing to consider when choosing for your first vape kit is the kind of draw you’re looking to get from your e-cigarette.

Mouth to lung (MTL) vapes are designed to replicate the inhale you would get from a cigarette, where vapour is first drawn into the mouth, and then inhaled into the lungs. Mouth to lung kits provide a familiar throat hit and sense of satisfaction for those initially making the transition to vaping. However, mouth to lung devices normally have limited power and produce only a moderate amount of vapour (about the same volume as a cigarette).

Direct to lung (DTL) vapes are usually higher powered, and produce a larger volume of vapour. Because of this, the vapour is drawn directly into the lungs and not held in the mouth. Direct to lung e-cigarettes are designed to emulate the performance of a hookah, so those looking for more vapour production might enjoy this style.

Internal Battery vs. Removable Battery

Internal battery e-cigarettes have a battery cell built into the device that is not meant to be removed. Internal batteries have limited power capabilities and are charged within the vape itself using a charging cable. The nice thing about internal battery vapes is that you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement battery for your device, but since the cell cannot be removed, these devices become unusable once their ability to charge depletes.

Removable battery e-cigarettes are powered by cells that can be taken out of the device and replaced. Some devices will allow you to charge these cells from within the vape through a charging cables, but removable battery cells stay healthy longer when charged via an external battery charger. Removable battery devices are great because the cells can be replaced once their charge level starts to shorten, so the devices themselves can be used over a longer period of time. You can also invest in a second set of batteries so you can interchange them while charging on a battery charger. However, battery cells do need care, and though they are not very expensive, the cost of replacement batteries can add up over time.

Buttonless vs. Single-button Operation vs. Multi-button Operation

Buttonless vapes are the simplest to use, as the battery is engaged by the pressure of your inhale, mimicking the experience of smoking. There is barely any learning curve when it comes to buttonless e-cigarettes, and they are convenient and portable for on-the-go vaping.

Single-button operated vapes have batteries that are activated by the push of a button, but they are still very easy to learn and use. When the button is pressed, vapour will be created and can be inhaled. There are no other buttons or features to worry about.

Multi-button operated vapes are more complex than the previous two, but have the most customizable features. Normally these devices will have at least three buttons: a fire button used to engage the battery, and a plus button and minus button to adjust the power level. On some devices, these buttons will also have multiple functions, depending on how they are pressed, that allow for customization of the screen, heat settings, and other features.

Fixed Power vs. Adjustable Power

A fixed power e-cigarette does not allow for manual power adjustment. Instead, the battery provides the amount of voltage required by the coil, which will reduce as the battery charge depletes. Fixed power vapes are often buttonless or single-button operated, so they are very simple to use.
An adjustable power vape lets the user determine how much power should be directed to the coil. This means that it’s up to the user to know the appropriate wattage, voltage, or temperature settings for the coil, and understand how to maneuver the settings. Although adjustable power e-cigarettes come with a learning curve, they are the most customizable and compatible with upgraded tanks.

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