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Best RDAs | 180 Smoke

While sub-ohm tanks are often the go-to for vapers looking to make a huge cloud, those willing to put in a little more effort should definitely start looking at RDAs. At their core, RDAs are incredibly simple and feature a build deck, mouthpiece, and a cap. This simplicity in design is key to any RDA as it allows for greater space for the coil and reduces the distance the vapour must travel before it reaches your mouth.

Regardless of what RDA you choose, the defining factor of any RDA is by far the build deck. This is where you’ll often see the biggest changes between RDAs, as the size of the deck directly influences what sort of coils vapers can build and use. Generally speaking, a smaller build deck will only accommodate smaller coils, but this does produce a more flavorful and mellow vape. On the other hand, a larger build deck will allow for larger coils, which produce generous amounts of vapour that is often quite hot and decently flavorful.

Why choose an RDA

While and RDA lacks the convenience of a tank or RTA, they do allow for intense flavour and vapour production. This may seem unappealing to some, but to flavour and cloud chasers the RDA is perhaps the best option. While they are generally recommended for more advanced vapers, the forgiving build deck and simplicity of an RDA makes it a viable option for newer vapers looking to enter the world of rebuildables.

Like almost all aspects of vaping, there are a plethora of RDAs available on the market to serve your specific needs. Whether your goal is pure flavour or clouds of vapour, there is definitely an RDA out there for you.

Digiflavor x The Vapor Chronicles Drop Solo RDA

Designed by Digiflavor and The Vapor Chronicles, this 22mm RDA is the follow-up to the popular Drop RDA and introduces some unique new innovations. Firstly, the Drop Solo RDA features a smaller deck with 2 raised posts set into the side of the device. This setup allows the coils to be easily placed in the center of the deck, while still providing ample space for the legs of the coil to be cut and trimmed. This unique RDA also comes with a stepped restriction allows for customization of airflow across 10 channels along the side of the cap. The tip is made entirely from delrin, to reduce heat transfer, and a large juice well holds a decent amount of e-liquid when dripping.

Score: 9/10

Rebirth RDA by Hellvape x Mike Vapes

Created as a Mike Vapes project, the 24mm Rebirth RDA features a unique airflow designed to maximize flavour and vapour. The deck itself can accommodate either a single coil or dual coils and uses two raised posts with side-mounted screws. The unique design of the deck is meant to work directly with the airflow of the RDA which is directed upward toward the mouthpiece of the RDA. The airflow can be adjusted to change the draw and is done by turning the cap.

Score: 9.3/10

Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA

While the majority of RDAs are built to offer direct to lung (DTL) experiences, the Vandy Vape Berserker is one of the few devices to offer a rebuildable platform for a mouth to lung (MTL) style of vape. To accomplish this the Berserker MTL utilizes a unique airflow control system with six interchangeable internal channels. These channels are kept quite small to provide a restrictive draw and offer precise control over vapour production.

Score: 9/10

Hellvape Drop Dead RDA

Designed as a collaboration between Heathen and The Vapor Chronicles, the Hell Vape Drop Dead RDA features a unique build deck that has strong similarities to the Drop RDA. The raised 4 posts of the Drop Dead RDA make it incredibly simple to build either single or dual coils, thanks to an obstruction free space. The cap of the RDA offers 14 airflow channels which direct air downward across the coils.

Score: 8.9/10

Why we chose these vape mods

While there are a wide array of RDAs on the market, these offerings are by far some of the most innovative and unique on the market. The list also features a few RDAs that would be perfect for beginners and would allow for an easy transition from pre-built sub-ohm coils to the building, installing, and wicking your own.