Unlike traditional dry herb vaporizers, concentrate-focused vaporizers present users with a very truly compact vaporizer that can be easily carried around in a pocket or bag. The small size of an herbal concentrate vape comes from its somewhat limited use, as it can only hold a specific material and will generally not have a large enough chamber to facilitate any type of dry herb. That being said, the use of a wax or oil concentrate often produces a more potent experience and leaves almost zero residue after vaporization.

In addition to their smaller size and overall vaping experience, herbal concentrate vapes generally come in at a lower price. Again, this does have to do somewhat with their more simplistic construction and functions, but this isn’t a reflection on the efficacy of these devices. Instead, the cheaper price point reflects just how simple it is to vaporize an herbal concentrate, while still achieving the same if not more potent high.

Why choose an herbal concentrate vape

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for vaporizing herbal material, a concentrate vape may be the right option for you. You will be somewhat limited in what material you can use, but if this isn’t an issue for you then it shouldn’t be a concern. For their small size, you may question its capabilities, but many many manufacturers have managed to incorporate a host of features in the small devices and have tailored them to work perfectly with herbal concentrates.

Ultimately, when purchasing an herbal concentrate vape, you’re buying something quite specialized and focused on a single task. This ensures the device will function at its absolute best while staying portable and pocket-friendly. These devices also utilize a much more potent material, so be sure you can handle concentrates before trying an herbal concentrate vape.

Grenco Science G Pen Nova LXE

Grenco Science G Pen Nova LXE

Simple, compact, and efficient, the G Pen Nova LXE is a truly portable concentrate vaporizer that’s meant to travel with you wherever you go. With variable wattage control, a 650mAh internal cell, and standard 510 tank threading the G Pen Nova LXE closely resembles an e-cigarette, offering it a nice level of discretion for concealed vaping. The entire device is operated and controlled with a single button and a multicolor LED helps relay all the necessary information to the user.

Score: 9.2/10

Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan Evolve Plus

While this device may be on the larger side for herbal concentrate vapes, it’s robust body and ample coil features make it something truly unique. Thanks to its innovative QDC dual kanthal coils, and quartz posts, the Yocan Evolve Plus consistently delivers a clean and potent vapor. A threaded coil cap ensures your concentrates are confined inside the atomizers and helps maintain an ambient temperature around the coils to aid in wicking and prevent leaks. The device itself is powered by a 1100mAh battery which can be charged via micro USB.

Score: 9/10

Dr. Dabber Light Kit

Dr. Dabber Light Kit

While most herbal concentrate vapes are quite compact, the Dr. Dabber Light takes this idea to another level and positions itself as one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market. Closely resembling an e-cigarette, the Dr. Dabber Light functions very simply and is built to be as efficient as possible. The device is operated with a single button and provides a fixed amount of power. The atomizer on the Dr. Dabber Light can be refilled, though the concentrate being used must be highly viscous as thinner liquids will simply leak out the top of the device.

Score: 8.4/10

Pax 3


While not exclusively a concentrate vape, the Pax 3 is honestly one of the best devices on the market and manages to excel at vaporizing both dry herb and concentrates. In terms of features, the Pax 3 comes with 4 different pre-set temperature levels, a 15-second heat up time, a 3500mAh battery, and smartphone compatibility. While this Pax 3 is larger than most of the devices on this list, this larger size allows it to incorporate a convection heating chamber, which helps better preserve the flavour of whatever material it’s vaporizing, while also producing dense and thick clouds.

Score: 10/10

Why we chose these vape mods

While there are plenty of options when looking at herbal concentrate vapes, the ones included in this list truly showcase something unique a user may enjoy. Whether extremely portable, or full of functions, all the concentrate vapes on this list perform their task incredibly and could easily replace any desktop setup.

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