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Best 18650 Batteries for your E Cigarette or Vape - 180 Smoke

As you progress through the various stages of vaping, you’ll quickly find that many high-power devices don’t come with internal cells. While this may seem like an inconvenience to some, external batteries can add another level of customization to your vape mod and can even help produce more power. While there is a wide array of external batteries, the 18650 battery is by far the most popular and widely used in the majority of devices.
It should be noted that using external batteries does require users to know some degree of battery safety. Improper use of 18650s, or any battery for that matter, can result in catastrophic failure of the battery and can cause harm to the user. In this article we’ll cover some basics of battery safety, as well as our suggestions for the best 18650 batteries.

Basic Battery Saftey

Unlike your standard AA batteries, vape batteries are much more powerful but also a fair bit more volatile. That being said, they aren’t the ticking timebombs the media may portray them as and with basic battery knowledge you shouldn’t have to worry about any catastrophic failure.

  • Make sure you battery wraps are intact

Damaged wraps leaves your battery more susceptible to arching, which can cause degradation and destruction of the internal cell.

  • Use the right batteries

While certain battery types may look identical to one another, their internal capabilities can vary depending on who the manufacturer is. Simply put, there are some batteries better for low wattage and other better for high wattage vaping. When choosing external batteries make sure you have the appropriate ones, as improper batteries can damage your device and the batteries themselves.

  • Use Battery cases

Batteries should never be haphazardly thrown into your pockets or a bag, as contact with other metal objects can cause short circuits which will then cause venting and potential explosions.

  • Watch out for counterfeits

Counterfeit batteries do exist, with Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic batteries being the most commonly faked. To avoid counterfeits, be sure to only purchase from reputable vendors.

  • Use a dedicated charger

While many modern vaporizers do allow for charging through the device, those with external batteries should be charged with an external charger. A dedicated battery charger will ensure your batteries receive the correct amount of power and will ensure the overall life of a cell.

  • Don’t over-drain your batteries

Lithium-ion batteries will lose capacity over time and vaping them until they’re out of power can cause rapid degradation. Instead, pull out the batteries for charging before they are completely drained and make sure to charge them to full.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures

Keeping you batteries in extreme heat or cold can cause damage and can even cause your batteries to vent. Higher temperatures will cause your batteries to age faster and increases their chances of venting, while cold temperatures can take a toll on battery capacity. To ensure optimal performance out of your batteries be sure to keep them in a cool location.

  • Used married batteries

If you’re using a device that takes more than one battery, be sure to always use the exact same batteries and keep them together at all times. By using these batteries in pairs, you’re ensuring they get the same amount of charges/discharges, as heavy imbalances can cause damage to the cells and performance.

  • Replace old batteries

Batteries are only good for a certain amount of cycles (full charges and discharges), as lithium-ion batteries will start losing capacity over time. If you find that your batteries discharge at a faster rate, you should consider replacing them.


Designed by renowned electronic manufacturer LG, the LG HG2 18650 is a great choice for both box mods and mech mods. With a capacity of 3000mAh and a maximum discharge of 20A, the HG2 falls in a perfect middle ground and is used best in pairs.

Score: 9/10


While the LG HB6 may only have a capacity rating of 1500mAh, it makes up for this with an excellent 30A power output, making it perfect for high wattage vaping and a safe option for use in mechanical mods.

Score: 9.5/10

Sony VTC6

Sony VTC batteries have been a staple in vaping for some time now, thanks to their high continuous discharge, robust pulse rate, and overall build quality. The VTC6 carries this tradition with a capacity of 3000mAh, a continuous discharge of 15A, and a pulse rate of 30A up to 80*C.

Score: 9.8/10

Why use removable batteries

Simply put, 18650s allow vapers to take even more control of their e-cigarette or vape mod. The ability to remove batteries, charge them yourself, and discard them, greatly increases the life you’ll get out of a single device, while also giving you a greater sense of customization over your vape. Removable batteries may also grant benefits that are not commonly seen in pre-installed lithium-ion cells.

18650s are by far the most common removable batteries you’ll find on the vaping market, though they aren’t your only option. Without going into too much detail on all the available batteries used in vaping, all buyers should know that 18650s provide a happy medium between the high capacity of larger cells and the portability of smaller options.

Why we chose these products

Unlike other aspects of vaping, purchasing the correct and appropriate battery isn’t so much a performance concern as it is a safety concern. Using an improper battery can cause venting, and a whole range of catastrophic failure, that’s why it’s so important to use a proper vape battery and to treat it properly. The batteries featured in this article are all properly suited for vaping, with some excelling at power output and other at battery capacity.

Reviewed By Sean Brady

Sean is the E-Commerce Manager for 180 Smoke Vape Store, and has worked with the company since 2016. He has a BSc in Computer Science (UPEI 2009), and a background in culinary and agriculture.