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How to Use a Herbal Vaporizer – 180 Smoke Vaping Wiki

How to Use a Herbal Vaporizer

When you first start to use a vaporizer, you’ll likely notice that vaping is a lot different than smoking, and not just because there’s no smoke produced. From the draw of the vaporizer to the amount of vapour produced, cannabis vapes are an entirely unique intake method. Using a vaporizer is often something that needs getting used to, but you can avoid the learning curve if you know how to properly inhale from the device before you start.

When packing dry herb into a vaporizer’s heating chamber, you’ll want to find a balance between a tight and loose pack. If packed too tightly, the vaporizer will be unable to distribute heat throughout the chamber, and if packed too loosely, there will be too much air cooling the chamber before the herb can be vaporized. It may take some trial and error to find the right packing tightness for you and your vaporizer.

Herbal vaporizers work by adding low but consistent heat to your herb, either directly (through conduction heating) or indirectly (through convection heating). Vaporizers can take from one to several minutes to reach their heat settings, so it’s best to wait until the device has reached its heat peak before inhaling. Most vaporizers will notify you with lights or vibrations once the temperature setting has been reached.

Since vaporizing herb happens more slowly than combustion in smoking, the draw of the vaporizer must be very tight so that the vapour can collect and become dense in the chamber, giving you a rich and potent vapour. The limited airflow and restricted draw of vaporizers often throws off new vapers who are used to looser inhale from joints or pipes. To make the most of your herbal vaporizer, you’ll want to ensure that you let the device heat fully, and then draw from the mouthpiece very slowly, especially if your vape uses indirect (convection) heating. With this method of vaporization, heated air passes through the herb and vaporizes it along the way. For vaporization to happen, this heated air must flow slowly and consistently through the herb so that it has enough time to produce the reaction while new heat is being introduced. Long, slow inhales will ensure that you receive a smooth flow of dense vapour.

Because of the slow and consistent inhale required for vaporizers, you might notice some discomfort of the throat, like coughing or scratchiness. This can be attributed to the pressure of the tight draw along with the denseness of the vapour. Though it may be annoying, this feeling is temporary and will be reduced once your body becomes used to vaporizing.

Another thing you may notice with herbal vaporizers is that you need to take less puffs to achieve the same result. Vaporizing herb, rather than combusting, releases THC at higher rates, so you likely won’t need to use as much herb. Using convection vaporizers, you might even be able to use the same herb over several sessions, as the heat distributes evenly and lightly bakes the herb, making it last longer. Once all of your herb has turned brown and dry, it’s time to place it.

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