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This website hosts promotional and sales material for
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6 Amazing All-Day Vape Flavours (And 5 That Might Be Too Rich) E-Cigarettes - 180 Smoke

6 Amazing All-Day Vape Flavours (And 5 That Might Be Too Rich)

Jun 21, 2021 | Buying Guides, E-juice, Product Recommendations

There’s a wide range of vape flavours available on the market. Personal preferences also range widely but most vapers enjoy certain flavours for extended periods of time, while others that are more decadent or have a heavier bite are best to enjoy in smaller doses. Following is a list of 6 flavours that will disappear quickly for the average person, and 5 that some may find too strong for chain vaping.

All Day #1

Paradise Eliquid – Twelve Monkeys (60mL)

Paradise eliquid by Twelve Monkeys is a spectacular blend of tropical fruit flavours from the Oasis Collection, with plump juicy strawberries and tangy pineapple blended with creamy banana and sweet coconut. Paradise is gorgeously tailored to satisfy with perfectly balanced sweet, tangy, and earthy tones that taste fresh and vibrant all day.

Rich #1

Prague E-Liquid – Explore (60mL)

Prague e-liquid by Explore is a Butter Pecan Hazelnut flavour created in honour of well-known cultural attractions from the Czech capital with perfectly layered and structured flavours that mirror the city’s gorgeous architecture. Creamy smooth and richly sweetened, this delectable dessert flavour is enjoyed by many, but maybe too heavy for sensitive palettes.

All Day #2

Pink Lemon Squeeze – Coastal Clouds (60mL)

Pink Lemon Squeeze by Coastal Clouds is a sweet and tangy blast of citrus and berry flavours. Bright sun ripened lemons topped with plump wild berries and blended into a tart cocktail that is succulently satisfying without being too sharp.

Rich #2

Campfire E-Liquid – Charlie’s Chalk Dust (60mL)

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Campfire e-juice is a classic smores flavour, layering graham crackers with toasted marshmallow and chocolate. This delicious e-liquid is sure to instantly evoke notions of nostalgia and will appeal to anyone who vividly remembers late night campfires and sweet treats. Just like the real thing, most people will enjoy this sinfully sweet treat in small doses but may become overwhelmed by large amounts.

All Day #3

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine – Pachamama (60mL)

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine by Pachamama is an aromatic and mouthwatering blend. A homegrown mix with a tropical feel and a crave quenching sensation.

Rich #3

Iced Pink Punch – Lemon Twist E-Liquid (60mL)

Lemon Twist E-Liquid’s Iced Pink Punch e-juice adds a cool blast of menthol to the award winning Pink Punch flavour: juicy citrus and tart strawberries with a cool shot of refreshment. Twist is famous for manufacturing robust flavours, and Iced Pink Punch is sure to waken even the most tired of tastebuds. The flavour is quite popular for good reason but the sharpness and lingering aftertaste can be too much for vapers who prefer lighter, more relaxed flavours.

All Day #4

Singapore Explore (60mL)

Singapore e-liquid by Explore reflects the wide ranging diversity of the sovereign city state island with a Blood Orange French Vanilla flavour that perfectly blends rich caramelized vanilla with bright and tangy citrus. Unique and diverse as its’ namesake, Singapore by Explore delivers a flavourful blend that never fails to satisfy, just like that skyline.

Rich #4

Heavy Menthol E-Liquid – Ace (30mL)

Heavy Menthol E-Liquid by Ace is a robustly refreshing and lightly sweet flavour, bursting with icy satisfaction. Dark green peppermint packed with a frosty chill and a stimulating fragrance that sharpens your senses and makes your taste buds dance. This is A Canadian E-Liquid that delivers the coolest experience in vaping alone, and adds a unique palette cleaning twist to your favorite flavours. Designed for hardcore mint fans, Heavy Menthol should be approached with some caution.

All Day #5

Cash Man – Nasty Salt

Nasty Salt: Cash Man infuses the famously authentic, mouthwatering mango flavour e-liquid by Nasty Juice, with nicotine salts. A juicy blend of sweet and tart fruit flavours accented with light mint to deliver an accurate sensation of texture, to enjoy with mouth to lung vaping devices

Rich #5

Fair Grounds E-liquid – Met4 (60mL)

Fair Grounds e-liquid by Met4 is a deep fried cream cake flavour that will have you dreaming of sweet summertime treats from the carnival! Fluffy vanilla with a hint of crispiness and a creamy finish, large clouds of Fair Grounds vapour can be too sweet for some users, but smaller clouds of the Nic Salt variety may be more suitable.

All Day #6

Gold Star – Ace (30mL)

Gold Star E-Liquid by Ace is a classically crafted flavour that features the fine flavour of sun dried Virginia cigar tobacco, with a sweet rich base accented by nutty notes of toasted hazelnuts. An American cornerstone, crafted by vape gourmets north of the border. A Canadian E-Liquid that delivers on the promise of pure satisfaction alone, and mixes well with other e-liquids.

Reviewed By Sean Brady

Sean is the E-Commerce Manager for 180 Smoke Vape Store, and has worked with the company since 2016. He has a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration (UPEI 2009), a background in culinary arts with a focus on pastry, and agricultural roots. Sean also manages Customer Services and works closely with the Supply Chain and Warehouse divisions to ensure 180 Smoke is on the leading edge with product offerings, and delivers the upmost satisfaction to their customers.