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Top 5 18650 Mods | 180 Smoke

asMODus Colossal

Why we love it:   Featuring asMODus’ GX-80-HT v2 chip, the Colossal is a compact, single-18650 device with all the features of a dual-battery mod. A 1-inch touch screen display removes the need for adjustment buttons, making the design clean and sleek, and settings like temperature control and curve mode bring customizability to this 80 watt mod.

asMODus Minikin Reborn

Why we love it: The Minikin Reborn mod takes the best features of their Minikin 2 and Minikin Boost and stuffs them into one fabulous mod. Offering a touchscreen display similar to that of the Minikin 2 and the body design of the Minikin Boost, the Reborn mod gives you the best of both worlds. This dual-18650 battery mod is powered by the GX-168-HT chip, reaching up to 168 watts (up to 190 watts with the firmware upgrade). One especially notable feature of the Minikin Reborn is its balance charging, which allows for pass-through micro USB charging without any issues.

asMODus Minikin 2

Why we love it: The asMODus Minikin 2 is an ergonomic, touchscreen mod powered by two 18650 batteries. Equipped with the GX-180-HT/UT chip, the mod gives you 180 watts of power in addition to features like curve mode. The Minikin 2 feels great in the hand, and is firmware upgradeable to give you even more functionality. 

Sigelei Fuchai R7

Why we love it: Sigelei’s new addition to their Fuchai line, the R7, is a dual-battery mod with lots to offer. Providing a maximum of 230 watts, the Fuchai R7 includes customizable settings like temperature control, preheat functions, and a multi-coil memory bank for switching between tanks with ease. Despite being a dual-battery device, the Sigelei Fuchai R7 is lightweight and comfortable to hold.


VooPoo Drag

Why we love it: VooPoo’s Drag mod is a dual-18650 device that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Its Gene chip allows up to a maximum of 157 watts of power in addition to temperature control, Smart VW and Super modes. Even more customizability is provided by the VooPoo PC app that lets you manually upgrade and configure the mod how you like it. And if you’re one for aesthetics, the Drag mod is eager to please with its elegant, multicolour resin panels.