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Best Closed Pod System 2021 – 180 Smoke Vaping Wiki

New vapers are often drawn towards ecigarettes as their entry to the vaping world. These devices are often quite simple to use, portable, and affordable. These factors are important for new vapers, and while many e-cigs are purchased and used by beginners, more experienced vapers also enjoy using these devices as a backup or a more compact vaping option.

Many newer vapers may not recognize these devices visually as ecigarettes but the vape industry has evolved the style of newer ecigarettes and has moved towards more technologically advanced options. We are focusing on closed pod systems in this article, a newer trend in ecigarettes. They are designed to produce a similar experience to traditional cigarettes with increased ease of use and simplicity.

Why choose a closed pod system?

Pod systems are easy to use, affordable, and quite compact. Closed Pod systems are a more streamlined experience compared to other devices. They operate by inserting a prefilled pod or cartridge into the device – and the device is ready to go. These factors definitely make pod systems appealing to existing vapers, but for new vapers, these factors are often even more appealing. The best closed pod systems also present excellent options to new vapers as it allows them to try vaping without having any experience with larger or more complicated devices and do not have to worry about choosing an eliquid and filling a tank or pods.

These features of pod devices that appeal to new vapers are also perfect for more experienced vapers who are looking for a backup device to use in different situations that require more discretion or for when a larger device may not be suitable. As any vaper knows, having a backup device is often necessary as batteries can be easily drained and bulky devices are anything but discreet.


Juul is the most compact closed pod system on the market that is extremely light and portable but the flavour set has now been limited to tobacco and mint. The device produces an experience that is very similar to smoking which draws many new vapers to this device who are looking for similarities in vaping.

Uwell Caliburn G

The Uwell Caliburn G open pod kit is a 3rd generation device featuring a larger 690mah battery with increased power output, dual air flow system, and a new series of mesh coil pods that produce smoother vapour and enhanced flavours. Much like the original Caliburn, pods were cross-compatible with the Caliburn Koko, the Caliburn G Pods are cross-compatible with the Koko Prime.

Vuse ePod

Vuse (formerly Vype) produces the popular ePod devices and has recently released the successor, ePod 2 device which features a new smash-proof frame and pass-thru support which allows you to vape while charging your devices for reduced downtime. Vuse offers a wide range of ePod flavours that are compatible with both the new and original ePod devices.


STLTH is a closed pod compact system with a 420ml internal cell with micro USB charging for increased versatility and convenience. The prefilled 2ml pods offer great value and come in a wide range of flavours including the new savage line.


SnowPlus is the most recent closed pod system available through 180 Smoke. This brand is already extremly popular in China and is gaining popularity in other markets as well. This device has a wide selection of flavours with three lines of pods including the new Premium line that includes flavours from our Best Eliquids list.

Why we chose these closed pod systems

All of the devices featured on this list showcases some of the best and most recent advances in the e-cigarette market. While they may not resemble the traditional devices of the past, they serve the same purpose in terms of function, portability, and ease of use. It should also be noted that each of the devices features slightly different capabilities, so new vapers should be able to find a device that fits them best.

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