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What Are Disposable E-Cigarettes – 180 Smoke Vaping Wiki

Whether you’re new to vaping or just looking for a cheap and portable back up, disposable e-cigarettes offer vapers a truly enjoyable experience, despite their overall affordability and diminutive package. That being said, this wasn’t always the case with disposable e-cigarettes and many experienced vapers will remember a time when disposable e-cigarettes were nothing more than overpriced garbage. Thankfully this has changed, but it’s interesting to track how this change has occurred and why exactly disposable e-cigarettes are making a resurgence.

The First Disposable E-Cigarettes

While there is no definitive timeline as to when disposable e-cigarettes first gained prominence, as a long time vaper, I remember the very first e-cigarettes I was exposed to were disposable. Designed to look almost identical to traditional cigarettes, these early disposable offerings offered generally poor amounts of vapor production and rarely satisfied any nicotine cravings, In some ways, these products were almost a novelty and could be purchased at certain convenience stores or gas stations.

Internally, these almost primitive devices utilized cartomizers (polyfill wrapped coils that would soak up a certain amount of e-liquid and generally offered a very tight MTL draw) which did not offer a lot in the way of flavour or vapor production. The batteries powering the cartomizers were quite limited, though they were still very portable. These early devices did also feature draw activation, but they were often very temperamental and had a tendency to auto-fire or break completely.

Unlike more modern e-cigarettes, these early disposable offerings generally did not offer a true alternative to combustion, but they did serve as a crucial precursor for the products to come. These early disposable e-cigarettes were eventually fazed out after many vapers turned to use VW and rechargeable/refillable e-cigarettes.

Modern Disposable E-Cigarettes

Due to the popularity of pod-based devices (i.e. JUUL, STLTH, Vype, etc) many e-cigarette users have grown to embrace portability and ease of use. The market demand for devices such as these paved the way for a new era of disposable e-cigarettes, many of which borrowed heavily from previous innovations made in the e-cigarette industry.

Thanks to devices such as the RELX Nano, disposable e-cigarettes have become a viable option for both new and experienced vapers. While these modern offerings are still somewhat limited when compared to larger vape mods or certain pod mods, they do still a satisfying vaping experience and competently serve as a true alternative to traditional nicotine consumption methods.

Internally, many of these modern disposable e-cigarettes function in a similar fashion to closed-pod systems. E-liquid is held in a pod that cannot be refilled and the liquid is heated and vaporized using a coil and wick system that is commonly used in almost all e-cigarettes. Like their predecessors, modern disposable e-cigarettes often incorporate draw activation, but these new systems are significantly better than previous designs. All of this is powered by a non-rechargeable battery cell, which should last as long as the device still has e-liquid.

The Nic Salts Revolution

While the technological innovations made in disposable e-cigarettes have made them more viable in the e-cigarette market, the true appeal of these devices came when nicotine salts became a norm for many vapers. We’ve already written extensively about the subject of nicotine salts and you can read more about it on the Vaping Wiki.

Thanks to this innovation in e-liquid, smaller and less powerful devices were now capable of providing a satisfying experience and an enjoyable throat hit. The use of nicotine salts allowed disposable e-cigarettes to maintain their portability and compact size, all while still providing a vaping experience on the same level as larger devices.

Why use a disposable e-cigarette?

If you’re an e-cigarette user who already has access to a larger device, you may not even consider a disposable e-cigarette as an option, but you really shouldn’t write-off these options when they’ve come so far. For experienced e-cigarette users, disposable offerings offer a compelling alternative if your main devices can’t be used.

For new vapers or people who are interested in vaping, disposable e-cigarettes can serve as a low-cost but enjoyable entry point into vaping. While we maintain that e-cigarettes should only be used by existing smokers, disposable e-cigarettes present an option to smokers that can be accessed quite easily.

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