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Vype vs Juul Review | 180 Smoke

Vype vs Juul Review

Oct 24, 2019 | Product Recommendations, Vaping, Vaping Wiki

In the world of closed pod systems, there are two heavyweights that seem to be dominating the market and are most commonly seen in the hands of vapers. We are of course talking about the Vype ePen and ePod series, and the JUUL. While both devices have their own distinct pros and cons, many new vapers want a definitive answer to what is the overall best option. Instead of answering this at the end of this article, we’ll simply say now that both brands are impressive and there really isn’t a distinct answer to whether or not one is better than the other.

Instead of trying to imperatively prove one brand is superior, we’ll break down the devices each brand offers and how they may affect the choice a vaper makes. Ideally, you’d be able to test each device before you make your purchase, but we’ll try our best to sum up the experience in this article.


Starting with Vype, the international e-cigarette brand is currently owned by BAT (British American Tobacco) that focuses the majority of its efforts on giving smokers an alternative to combustion and tobacco. While some vapers may have an issue with Vype being owned by a tobacco company, BAT’s ownership has allowed Vype to leverage 100+ years of experience in the tobacco industry. Ultimately, Vype presents vapers with a truly unique vape mod that was engineered purposefully to be as satisfying as possible.

Vype currently offers two distinct closed pod systems; the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod. Both use pre-filled pods, and function in somewhat similar manners.

ePen 3

Looking first at the larger of the two mods, the ePen 3 measures in at 123 x 27 x 18mm and houses a fairly large 650mAh battery. While the ePen 3 is the largest e-cigarette mentioned in this article, the unique curves and shape of the device makes it quite comfortable in the hand and easy enough to fit in a pocket. The entire device is controlled via a single fire button and will offer a fixed wattage that is not adjustable, the fire button also features an LED that indicates the remaining charge on the ePen 3. Finally, the pods available for the device feature a 2mL capacity — rated for 200 puffs — and come in either 18mg freebase nicotine or 30mg vPro nicotine salts. The pods are also available in a variety of flavours, including Master Blend, Strawberry Smash, Scarlett Kick, Peach Whirl, Indigo Dive, Green Snap, Tropical Mango, Dark Cherry, Crushed Mint, Infused Vanilla, Crisp Mint, Fresh Apple, and Blended Tobacco.


Designed to directly compete with the JUUL, the ePod is Vype’s slimmer device that focuses primarily on portability and performance. Built to be incredibly pocket-friendly, the ePod does sacrifice battery capacity and comes equipped with a built-in 350mAh cell. The capacity of the battery should still be enough to last users through a whole day of light to moderate vaping, but it will need to be charged more regularly. Unlike the ePen 3, which utilizes a traditional fire button, the ePod is draw activated and features a quite draw design for stealth vaping. Finally, the pods for the ePod come in a 1.9mL capacity and utilize a ceramic coil for better flavour and vapor output. The flavours available for the ePod include Berry Blast, Mango Wonder, Polar Mint, Tobacco Marvel, and Vanilla Medley.

Vype Advantages

With Vype, users get the choice between two distinct devices that can be chosen to suit specific needs. If you’re a heavy vaper, who’s often away from a power source, we recommend the ePen 3. On the other hand, if portability is more your thing, the ePod may be perfect for you. Ultimately, your choice between the two devices will come down to your preference on device size, what type of controls you prefer, and the amount of battery you think you’ll need. Besides that, both devices operate in a similar way and will generally offer an airier inhale.

Another defining aspect of the Vype devices is the price point they come in. Both the ePod and the ePen 3 are incredibly affordable, and can be purchased even on a budget. This isn’t to say that they are “cheap” devices, Vype just clearly built them with the intentions of creating something accessible to all users.

Finally, unlike the JUUL, the Vype devices offer a lot more flavour and nicotine varieties, ensuring all vapers will find something they enjoy. With Vype, users can also choose between traditional freebase e-liquids, as well as Vype’s vPro nicotine salt e-liquids.

Vype Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of flavour options
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Large pod capacities
  • Two different nicotine types


  • Exterior construction could be better
  • Both mods are thicker than the JUUL


Initially founded by herbal vaporizer legend PAX Labs, JUUL has quickly become one of the most popular and recognizable e-cigarettes on the market. Sleek, stylish, and incredibly effective, the JUUL offers vapers a truly innovative device that takes existing innovations and blends them to create one of the most satisfying devices available today. Built with smokers in mind, the JUUL features a host of design features to better simulate the experience of smoking. These features include the e-liquid that comes in the pods, as well as the airflow of the device.

JUUL currently offers just one device and six flavours, all of which are created with the utmost attention to detail in mind. At its core, the JUUL is a beginner-friendly device, meant to be carried around easily, and conceived to be the only device a vaper will ever need.


Designed to be the ultimate compact mouth to lung e-cigarette, the JUUL is a surprisingly simple device, that still features all the technical innovations traditionally reserved for larger mods. That being said, the JUUL is still a beginner-focused device, that prioritizes usability over complicated customization options.

In terms of specifications, the JUUL comes equipped with a 200mAh internal cell, which can be charged via a proprietary magnetic USB charger. The JUUL doesn’t feature any buttons, is restricted to a fixed wattage, and is draw operated. This may seem somewhat limiting to vapers who are used to variable wattage mods, but these design choices make the JUUL perfectly suited tojuul pods faq be a beginner device or a no-fuss daily driver.

While the JUUL itself is a fairly impressive device, the true appeal of JUUL comes from its pods. Prefilled and with a capacity of 0.7mL, JUUL pods take advantage of salt nicotine and there are currently six flavours available. The pods come in three different nicotine strengths — 1.5%, 3%, 5% — and are available in mango, mint, cucumber, fruit, virginia tobacco, and vanilla.

JUUL Advantages

The majority of pod systems can be considered portable, but few are as slim and compact as the JUUL. This is definitely one of the driving factors behind the JUUL, as it easily fits into the pockets of almost all vapers and sits wonderfully in the hand. The simplicity of the device also plays a big role in its popularity, as users simply need to inhale on the device to activate it. Finally, the pods and draw of the JUUL make it perfect for transitioning smokers, as the entire experience is quite similar to a traditional cigarette.

JUUL Pros and Cons


  • Slim and portable
  • Superior exterior construction
  • Cigarette-like draw and exhale
  • Buttonless design


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Limited nicotine and flavour options
  • Limited battery capacity