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Vaping News Weekly Update March 1, 2020 – 180 Smoke Vaping Wiki

A veterinary college tests the effects of e-vapor on cells

Designed by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, this new module is aimed at high school classrooms and will enable students to test the effects of e-cigarette vapor on living cells.

Developed by the Advancing Secondary Science Education Through Tetrahymena (ASSET) program and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the module was created in direct response to the youth vaping crisis as an educational tool to show teens the dangers of vaping.

According to Dr. Donna Cassidy-Hanley, a senior research associate and program manager of the program, We created this module in direct response to the vaping epidemic spreading among teens and children.”

The ASSET kit will be released free of charge to teachers and will include a detailed set of instructions. In the kit, teachers will find small quantities of e-cigarette vapor condensate, unused e-liquid, and water that has been vaporized and re-condensed in a clean e-cigarette. Students will be instructed to apply these materials to a single-celled ciliated protozoan called Tetrahymena, then they will be able to compare the effect of each additive on cell viability, motility, and overall shape.


A new vaping product significantly reduces exposure to harmful toxicants

Developed by British American Tobacco (BAT) and distributed under the Vype brand, the new iSwitch was recently confirmed to produces significantly fewer toxicants when compared to smoking. Research conducted by BAT was recently published in Chemical Research in Toxicology and showed the iSwitch, and many other vaping products, to have 99% fewer toxicants when compared to smoking.

Unlike other e-cigarette products, which utilize coils and cotton wick, the iSwitch uses a stainless-steel blade to heat e-liquid to the point of vaporization. This new design helps reduce the chances of a dry hit, while also eliminating thermal breakdown caused by the existing coil and wick designs.

While these initial studies are promising, BAT still intends to run further trials on humans to further substantiate the results of the test.


JUUL unveils the first “age-locked” e-cigarette

In an attempt to shake off the infamy that has plagued the company, JUUL Labs is hoping to convince the FDA and general public that it is doing its best to prevent teen vaping. Last Summer, the e-cigarette manufacturer announced a new product that could monitor the vaping habits of users, by collecting information about the user such as when and where they vape. The device is also capable of facial recognition to keep it out of the hands of children.

On May 12, JUUL will be submitting over 250,000 pages on the matter, including scientific research, marketing material, and its strategy on preventing and curbing illegal use. Within the pages is the submission of an app for Canada and the United Kingdom which would verify the age of the user and track nicotine consumption. The app will also be released in the US with age verification, but will not track nicotine consumption.


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