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How long do disposable vapes usually last? - 180 Smoke

How long do disposable vapes usually last?

Dec 1, 2022 | 101 Guides, FAQ

One of the most popularly asked questions about disposable vapes is how long they last. Well, there’s no single answer to this question, because the lifespan of any disposable vape will depend on multiple factors. A good rule of thumb is to check the number of puffs on your device to get an idea of how long your vape can last. 

To get you started we have compiled a useful list to give you a better idea of which product might be the best for you. Here’s a summary of how each 180 Smoke vape brand will approximately last:

Disposable vape brand  Number of puffs (in decreasing order)
1. Waka Smash 6,000
2. SnowPlus 3,000
3. Waka Slam 2,500
4. Vice  2,500
5. Envi Apex 2,500
6. Ghost  2,000
7. Allo Ultra 1600 1,600
8. Waka Solo 1,500
9. Envi Boost 1,500
10 Allo Ultra 800 800
11. Relx x Bubblemon 600
12. Vuse 500
13. Brite 500
14. Veeba 350

Now, if your puffs don’t seem to reflect how long your vape will last, there are some other elements to consider. Let’s take a look at the main factors that can impact the duration of disposable vapes:

1. E-liquid capacity

The first and maybe most evident factor will be the e-liquid capacity. Since disposable vapes are usually made for one-time use (until the e-liquid runs out), the amount of e-liquid (usually indicated in mL) will be a sign of longevity. Most disposable vapes will have 2ml to 14ml of e-liquid in them. A higher e-liquid capacity will last longer i.e., 14ml will last longer than 2ml. 

Generally, 2ml of e-liquid will last approximately 400 to 500 puffs, while 14ml of e-liquid can last up to 5,000 puffs. However, this can also vary based on some other factors that go alongside the e-liquid capacity, including the type of atomizer being used, amount of airflow, and draw length. For now, checking the e-liquid capacity will be a good starting point. Seasoned vapers generally want more e-liquid capacity, while this isn’t always the case with beginners.

2. Battery capacity and quality

Most small disposable vapes have pre-charged batteries in them, which are meant to last to the last puff. The battery capacity is usually indicated in milliampere-hour (mAh) – a measure of how much charge is held in the battery. Generally, a 1000mAh battery can deliver a 1000mA current for an hour. What’s more, higher mAh usually indicates longer running times. 

To give you an example, disposable vapes under 10mL usually have precharged cells that are large enough to last to the last puff. On the other hand, larger devices (which are rapidly becoming more popular) often have a rechargeable battery in order to reduce size and minimize waste. Although this is definitely an additional plus, you do need to keep in mind that recharging the battery will not allow you to take an unlimited amount of puffs given that this is still ultimately limited by the amount of e-liquid contained in each product. In a nutshell: the duration of your rechargeable vape will depend on its e-liquid capacity, not solely on its battery. 

Disposable vapes like the Allo Ultra 800 (that comes with 3.8mL of nicotine salt e-liquid capacity and a precharged 550 mAh cell) or the Vice 2500 (that comes with 6.5mL of e-liquid and a fully-charged 1000mAh battery) are good examples of disposable vapes under 10mL that come with a good number of puffs, a good e-liquid capacity, and a solid battery. The Waka Smash and Vice Box are larger capacity devices with 12 and 13mL of e-liquid respectively, but the 500mAh and 1000mAh cells will need to be charged repeatedly.

However, it is possible for low-quality vapes to have pre-charged batteries that run out before the e-liquid is finished. You may also be unable to recharge a low-quality rechargeable vape battery. This is exactly why we emphasize the importance of buying high-quality vapes: we want you to get your money’s worth as well as be able to enjoy your vaping experience until the last puff, without any problems. We here at 180 Smoke only work with high-quality disposable vape brands, which is why the battery of our wide range of products is bound to deliver to the last e-liquid drop.

You can also take some measures to preserve your vape battery. For instance, you shouldn’t overcharge your rechargeable vape battery. Charge the vape as directed by the manufacturer. The vape should also be kept in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures (hot/cold) are known to damage batteries.

3. Vaping habits

Not everything can be about the product, right? For this aspect, you really have to ask yourself: how often do you use your vape? If you rarely take a puff, your vape will obviously last longer compared to the same vape being used by someone who puffs many more times a day. What’s more, if you share your vape (i.e., with your spouse during a night out), you can expect it to run out of e-liquid faster than if you were using it by yourself. It will all depend on your personal habits. 

If a frequent user decides to go for a low-capacity vape (about 2ml e-liquid), chances are their experience will not last long at all, but that same device could potentially last 5-7 days for some beginner users. 

Practical data from the field!

To bring you the most accurate information possible, our team decided to put this to the test: querying vapers in our offices, most light users quoted 4-5 days for a 1500 puff device, but heavier vapers estimated 2 days. This information could give you a general idea of what you can expect, but you should always factor in your own personal habits and preferences. 

When it comes to “draw,” this is all about how someone uses their vape(i.e., vaping habits). The length of your draw (how much vapour you puff at a go) will also determine your vape’s longevity. 

A long draw requires more e-liquid for every puff. As a result, vapers who habitually have long draws will deplete their e-liquid faster than those who take short draws. This might seem obvious, but that doesn’t mean we should overlook it. The best part is we can actually do something about it since it is entirely under our control. If you feel like your vape is running out too quickly, maybe take a look at your habits before thinking something is wrong with the product, or swapping it out for another option.

4. Type of disposable vape

The type of disposable vape also determines how long it lasts. We can examine vapes according to what brand they are and draw our conclusions from them. However, when talking about longevity, this will ultimately be decided by type, and the difference will have a big impact on your vape’s lifespan. 

Pre-filled disposables are either pre-charged or rechargeable as described above, and assuming the battery lasts, the lifespan is determined by the amount of e-liquid they contain. Refillable (and rechargeable) disposables with a lifespan determined by the quality of the coil have also begun to enter the market recently; however, 180 Smoke does not currently offer any, opting to stick with traditional refillable tanks and pod systems with replaceable atomizers.

5. Coils

Vape coils are responsible for heating e-liquid into vapour which is then inhaled. High-quality vape coils will work as designed to make sure users have the best vaping experience. In the unlikely event of a coil malfunctioning, many high-quality disposable vapes are sold with replacement coils as a precaution. Such vapes will last longer since coils can be replaced when the need arises.

On the contrary, low-quality vape coils tend to malfunction prematurely and most low-quality vapes aren’t sold with replaceable coils. 

Our final tip to make your vape last longer:

We recommend you take shorter puffs and/or space out your vaping sessions. If neither works for you, consider a pod system over the disposable vape options. 

How to dispose of vapes after use

Regardless of the disposable product you use, make sure to dispose of it safely. We here at 180 smoke have a core value about vaping safely, and this also includes doing so in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. To that end, we are proud to have a recycling program with Rothman’s, Benson, and Hedges as well as with VUSE. This covers all products and you can drop them off for recycling at some of our select locations in Canada. You can follow the link to find out more. 

Be sure to check out all of the disposable vapes we have available on our website and let us know if this guide helped you find the right choice for you!

Reviewed By Sean Brady

Sean is the E-Commerce Manager for 180 Smoke Vape Store, and has worked with the company since 2016. He has a BSc in Computer Science (UPEI 2009), and a background in culinary and agriculture.