Concerns around youth vaping have grown exponentially in the last few years, and it’s imperative that both the industry and parents help curb this rise in youth vaping. On our end, 180 Smoke has implemented a host of features that are designed to ensure that teens and children do not have access to age-restricted items.

Looking first at our website, 180 Smoke has introduced two key authentication features that protect ourselves and underage buyers from accessing e-cigarettes and other vape products. Throughout our website you will find various 19+ warnings/agreements that prohibit access to the site if a person is underage. This warning first appears when a user visits the website, as well as when a user attempts to access the checkout page. The warning clearly states that all customers on our site must be “19 or older to browse and purchase from this website,” and will restrict all users who indicate that they are under 19. We do understand that this isn’t an absolute deterrent, but it does showcase an explicit warning to all users in the hopes that they answer honestly.

See 180 Smoke’s official statement about recent youth vaping illness and concerns.

The second feature extends onto our delivery procedures and is run in tandem with Canada Post. This system is the same one used by the LCBO and OCS, and requires proof of identification upon delivery. If the Canada Post representative is not given a valid piece of government ID, or simply finds that the person is not of age, they have the right to deny the delivery and the item will be shipped back to 180 Smoke.

In terms of our brick and mortar stores, 180 Smoke prides itself on having an incredibly well trained staff, who are not only knowledgeable but also well aware of Canadian vaping laws. This expertise is combined with comprehensive training on how to properly identify fake IDs and to properly discover if a person is underage.

What Can I Do?

While this section is primarily aimed at parents, there are some things all vapers can do to help curb youth vaping. First, only vape in areas away from minors and limit your cloud production when near children or teenagers. These aspects are definitely defining factors of vaporizers, but they can be somewhat enticing to people who are underage and it’s best to limit their exposure to it. Second, if you have the chance, explain how vaping can become addicting and should only be done by people who fully understand the effects of vaping. Finally, if any underage person approached you to buy them a vape, simply refuse and alert the store that there is an underage person soliciting people to purchase products for them.

As for parents, there are several things you can do to ensure your kids do not vape. Here are some tips on how to prevent your kids from ordering vapes online and to help them understand the impact vaping can have on their lives.

  1. Monitor Your Child’s Online Habits: We understand that privacy is important to teens, but by monitoring your child’s web use and internet history, you can make sure they aren’t visiting any online vape shops and purchasing age-restricted items.
  2. Monitor Your Child’s Credit Card/Debit Use: As a cosigner on a credit or debit card, you can easily access your child’s account information. Their monthly statement can also be included alongside yours so you can easily check their spending habits. Inquire with your bank to set up these features.
  3. Speak to the People Around You: There are several ways your child can receive age-restricted packages, including having an older person sign for them, having packages sent to other homes, and deceiving your mail carrier. To ensure your child isn’t able to take advantage of these exploits, talk to members of your household who are of legal age and speak to parents of your child’s friends or other adults in the neighborhood. Finally, consult your mail carrier and see if you can direct age-restricted packages to the nearest post office or depot for pickup.
  4. Know Where Packages are Coming From: If you’re concerned about a package that doesn’t have the business name listed, feel free to check the Ontario Inc. business number online. By searching this number, you’ll be able to identify the company’s operating name and discover what they sell. If the package was sent by us, please contact our customer service team at [email protected]
  5. Talk to Your Kids About Vaping: The best thing you can do to stop your child from vaping is to simply sit down with them and explain the determinants of vaping and nicotine consumption. Articles from the Government of Canada and US Surgeon General can give you all the tools your need to sit down and have a discussion with your kids.

You must be at least the Age of Majority to buy and/or use this website. I.D. is required for delivery and pickup.

You must be at least the Age of Majority (19+ in Ontario) to buy and/or use this website. Government-issued identification is required for delivery and pickup. Products containing nicotine on this website may be hazardous and addictive. All products sold by 180 Smoke Vape Store are intended for use by adult smokers only, and are not intended for pregnant or nursing women; children; people with, or at risk, for heart disease; high blood pressure; diabetes; asthma; or those who are sensitive to propylene glycol, nicotine, or vegetable glycerine. Information and statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. Please be responsible with e-liquid and vape devices, and keep them stored out of reach of children and pets—they can be fatal to them, even in small quantities!