In the past several years, vaping has grown in popularity among adults. One reason for this may be the recognition by public health boards that vaping may be used as a possible medium to transition away from traditional cigarette use¹. That being said, the increase in popularity of vaping has also attracted a number of youth users, many of whom do not fully understand the implications of consuming nicotine products. The rise in youth vaping prompted Health Canada in April 2019 to implement a consultation on potential regulatory measures on reducing youth access and appeal of vaping products.

180 Smoke is committed to protecting the health and safety of consumers and it remains a top priority for 180 Smoke to prevent youth from accessing and consuming vaping products.

One way in which 180 Smoke promotes the health and safety of youth is by implementing a host of age verification features to prevent youth from being able to access and use vaping products.

  1. has Various Age Verification Notices on the Website
  2. Users are initially asked to confirm they are of age when they first visit the 180 Smoke website and prior to being permitted access to view any content on 180 Smoke webpages. Throughout our website, users will find various 19+ warnings/agreements that prohibit access to users who indicate they are underage. The warning clearly states that customers on the site must be “19 or older to browse and purchase from this website,” and will restrict all users from accessing pages if they indicate they are under 19 years of age.

  3. Age Verification When Ordering
  4. Our age verification warnings extend to the checkout page of our website and echos the same sentiments made by previous warnings/statements. At the online checkout page, users will receive another warning that their age will be verified upon delivery of their order.

  5. Verification Upon Delivery
  6. Similar to the process used by the LCBO and the Ontario Cannabis Store, all orders shipped by 180 Smoke require proof of identification upon delivery. Meaning all Canada Post representatives will confirm the age of the recipient by reviewing government issued identification. If the recipient is underage, Canada Post representatives are permitted to deny delivery. The name on the government issued identification must also match the name used on the corresponding order, and which will also appear on the package ordered.

  7. Restocking Fees
  8. In addition to age verification, 180 Smoke has taken an extra step to disincentivize youth from ordering, accessing and consuming vaping products from the 180 Smoke website. An order will be refused upon delivery if it is determined the recipient is a minor. In such a case, 180 Smoke will charge a restocking fee that is 50% of the order made. This 50% restocking fee is clearly outlined in our terms and agreement, and is meant to serve as a deterrent to any underage customers from attempting to make an order. Note that this fee is only applied if we find out a customer is underage and is not applied to any other orders that are returned.

The age verification and confirmation processes 180 Smoke has implemented is part of the 180 Smoke commitment to ensuring youth do not access or consume vaping products, and is a means of reinforcing our own brand ethos, and part of our duty to strictly adhere to applicable legislation and regulation to ensure our customers remain safe and confident in our products and the industry.

180 Smoke is first and foremost a brand aimed at providing adults with quality products, service, knowledge, and information. 180 Smoke does not recommend adults consume traditional cigarettes.

180 Smoke is committed to taking steps to curb youth vaping, but there is always more that can be done. For more information on what you as a customer can do, please check out our Vaping Wiki article on Youth Vaping.

¹ (See step 7) from the Public Health in England; the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb also suggested: “At the FDA, we still believe that new innovations that don’t use combustion, like the electronic cigarettes, offer an important opportunity for adults to transition off combustible tobacco.“ See and See Health Canada’s “Vaping to help quit smoking”

You must be at least the Age of Majority to buy and/or use this website. I.D. is required for delivery and pickup.

You must be at least the Age of Majority (19+ in Ontario) to buy and/or use this website. Government-issued identification is required for delivery and pickup. Products containing nicotine on this website may be hazardous and addictive. All products sold by 180 Smoke Vape Store are intended for use by adult smokers only, and are not intended for pregnant or nursing women; children; people with, or at risk, for heart disease; high blood pressure; diabetes; asthma; or those who are sensitive to propylene glycol, nicotine, or vegetable glycerine. Information and statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. Please be responsible with e-liquid and vape devices, and keep them stored out of reach of children and pets—they can be fatal to them, even in small quantities!