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What temperatures should I use for vaping cannabis in a dry herb vaporizer? - 180 Smoke

What temperatures should I use for vaping cannabis in a dry herb vaporizer?

Oct 5, 2022 | 101 Guides, Cannabis, FAQ, Product Recommendations, Vaporizers

Vaporizing dry herbs like cannabis can be a different experience from vaping oils and extracts. Heat it too high and you have ashes in your vaporizer; heat it too low and you won’t get the feeling you desire. The truth is there is no exact temperature at which you must vaporize your cannabis. The perfect temperature will depend entirely on your vaping preference. In fact, you may decide to vape at 180 degree Celsius today and try out 220 degrees tomorrow and see what you prefer. Experimenting with different temperatures can be easily done with one of our favourite dry herb vaporizers, the Davinci IQ Advanced, which conveniently comes with three temperature modes for you to choose from in order to experience a wide range of possibilities.

But, as exciting as it can be to experiment, it’s important to realize that you shouldn’t vape below 160 degrees (ineffective) or over 220 degrees (could burn/combust). Regardless of that, Cannabis is made up of thousands of different compounds that get activated at different temperatures. As a result, experimenting with different temperature ranges between 160 and 220 would give a different vaporizing experience, and we have many products that will allow you to test this out. 

Matching desired vaping experience with the right temperature

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are different compounds in cannabis. Each one evaporates at a different temperature, and controlling the vaping temperature of your cannabis gives you power over which substance evaporates, and your overall vaping experience. Below are some desired vaping experiences and the range of temperature at which you can achieve just that.

  • The mood enhancer

Our retail staff have taken the time to experiment extensively and have determined that a range of 160 and 170 provides a vaping experience that should be stimulating and uplifting, what we call the “mood enhancer” range, which is great for first-time cannabis vapers. If it is your first time vaping cannabis, you should definitely go with this mood-enhancing temp. This does not only allow you to vape without activating the sedative ingredients, it also produces an excellent flavor.
At this temperature, your cannabis vapor feels a lot cooler than at other temperatures. The vapor is also gentle on your throat.

  • The energetic high

For an energetic high, start at 170 degree Celsius and end at around 185 degrees Celsius. At this temperature range, CBD is activated in its highest concentration making it a popular temperature range among medicinal users of cannabis. At about 180 degrees, your body will begin to absorb THC faster due to the effects of Myrcene. If you want to catch a few giggles, and perhaps some epiphanies, the energetic temperature is a perfect temperature to vape cannabis with friends. This temperature gives your thick cannabis vapor a toasty flavor that isn’t as gentle on the throat.

  • The euphoric high

If you want to feel euphoric, then this is your temp. At this temperature, your cannabis hits you with every last compound it got. This temperature ranges from around 190 degree Celsius to 210 degrees. This is the ultimate deep mind and body relaxing temperature. Expect a hot vapor with a harsh flavor and an amazing psychotropic experience. This vaping temperature is perfect for relaxing, stress-free evening sessions. If you want your sweet flavor but also want the euphoric high, consider starting with the mood-enhancing temp and gradually moving up to the euphoric high.

The best temperature to vape your cannabis depends solely on two things: the flavor and the effect you desire. Nevertheless, your dry herb vaporizer remains the brainbox behind your vaping session. It turns your cannabis into vapor and some even allow you to choose a specifically desired vaping temperature. Many cannabis connoisseurs enjoy starting at a low temperature then ramping it up throughout the session in order to experience the full range, and a number of devices facilitate this automatically.

Below, you will find our four best dry herb vaporizers for an out-of-this-world vaping experience.

Four best dry herb vaporizers for optimal cannabis vaping

Utillian 421 is a compact conduction-style vaporizer. It comes with a curved pocket-friendly design and a 2300 mAh battery. This vaporizer comes with six preset temperatures giving you total control of your dry herb vaping flavors and effect. It has a screen, a single control button, and airflow control. Take total control of your vaping with the Utillian 421.

The Airistech Herbva Nokiva is a perfect vaporizer with a compact frame that supports vaping on the go. This dry herb vaporizer comes with a 2200 mAh battery and a fully adjustable temperature. If you want total control of your cannabis vaping, this is a good choice. You can set your desired temperature at any value between 149 and 224 degree Celsius.  A single two hours recharge can earn you up to twelve vaping sessions.

The Yocan Hit is a pen-style vaporizer. It is portable and easy to use. Yocan Hit comes with a slim frame and a single operating button. Its conduction-style heating mechanism can heat your cannabis at any temperature from 93 degrees to 249 degrees Celsius. It also comes with a 1400 mAh battery capacity.

The Zeus Arc GT is a portable piece of aesthetics packed with excellent features which give you even more control over vaping. It is durable, it features a motion sensor, and it is packed with an excellent 3500 mAh battery for 90 minutes of absolute and undisturbed pleasure. Feel the smooth sensation thanks to the classic German engineering unlocking several temperature modes and more.

Why vape cannabis?

Investing in a good dry herb vaporizer can help you get the most out of your cannabis vaping. Nevertheless, if you’ve ever wondered why you should vaporize cannabis, the reasons are simple. First, combustion produces smoke containing by products which can be eliminated using a vaporizer. Secondly, using a dry herb vaporizer gives you maximum control over the temperature; something you don’t get through traditional combustion. And as we have already established: if you control the temperature, you control the flavor and effect. Finally, vaporizers are incredibly efficient. Using combustion as a delivery method actually destroys a significant percentage of what you want to ingest, literally sending your money up in smoke. So get yourself a dry herb vaporizer and vape your cannabis with confidence.