Closed pod systems are popular amongst new and experienced vapers alike because of their convenience: there is no mess associated with filling as the cartridges slide into the device with ease and come prefilled, closed pod devices are also incredibly pocket friendly making them easy to transport, unlike a bulky large box mod. While options for devices are nearly endless, RELX and JUUL are considered among the best choices for those seeking a simple, compact, and portable vaping experience. This choice can be difficult for new and even experienced vapers as they are fairly similar. This article should help you in making the choice between these devices, looking at the most important parts of the devices and comparing them, read on to find out more.


RELX is a well-established manufacture of vaping systems in China that has recently entered the Candian market. Relx devices are designed to be easy to use and affordable, similar to JUUL. There are two devices with multiple colour options, users have a wide variety to choose from in terms of the physical look of their device. The pods are rated on three levels of sensation allowing for a quick orientation and ease of choice when picking which will suit your vaping needs.

relx infinity

RELX has two devices compatible with their Relx Pro Pod series, the Relx Essential and the Relx Infinity. These devices are very similar compact devices, with USB-C charging ports. The Infinity has a slightly larger battery (380 mAh vs 350 mAh), haptic feedback that promotes moderation, and a dual charging system, as well as portable charging cases (Sold separately) that can offer an additional 2 days of battery life on the go.

Both the Infinity and the Essential have an extremely light frame, weighing less than 25g with a full pod. Substantial enough to notice in your pocket but light enough to hold the devices with just your lips.

The RELX pods contain 1.9mL of eliquid each, they have a FEELM ceramic coil which produces approx. 500 puffs per pod. There are currently 12 flavours and all of the flavours are rated by the company based on cooling, intensity and richness. It’s important to note that menthol’s cooling sensation is prevalent in all of these flavours as it’s very popular in Asian markets.


JUUL has lead the way in popularizing closed pod devices. The original JUUL and the newer JUUL C-1 have a simple yet sleek design, simple operation, and a had a range of flavours which led to the popularity of the devices – unfortunately now, there are only two JUUL flavours for sale. With a 200mAh battery and a proprietary charging system the JUUL has some obvious limitations that come with its compact size – weighing only 15g with a pod, but this simplicity is what allows newer vapers to grasp vaping concepts more easily.

JUUL device

Like all closed pod devices, the JUUL’s pods come prefilled and need to be disposed of once empty. As mentioned before JUUL now only offers two flavours: Mint and Tobacco. JUUL’s eliquid is salt nicotine-based and the flavours are available in a variety of strengths: 5%, 3%, and 1% but only hold 0.7mL of e-liquid. JUUL pods are rated for about 200 puffs, each pack contains four pods that work in any JUUL device.

One issue users have take issue with is the proprietary charger that is required to use with JUUL devices. It magnetically connects to the bottom of the JUUL which itself connects to a USB port, whether that be on a computer or charging brick. A small LED light on the JUUL device will showcase the remaining battery life on the JUUL.

The Verdict

Making the choice between the RELX and JUUL isn’t easy, each device offers unique differences that may appeal to some users more than others. The JUUL is over a centimetre shorter and almost half the width, however it comes with a smaller battery size as well, 200mAh vs 350mAh at the RELX’s smallest size, as well as being able to hold less eliquid in each pod, 0.7mL vs 1.9mL. There RELX also has a number of options to choose from in terms of customization in the form of colour selection. The JUUL devices, both the original and the C-1 , come in only one colour with other colours being limited to special additions which are rarely available.

Although JUUL is the longest-running, most well established, and still the most cig-a-like pod style system available, which has evolved to incorporate new technologies into their device, the smaller pod size, limited number of flavours, small battery capacity, and need for a proprietary charging connection will be a limiting factor for many new and experienced vapers. By offering a variety of device types, simple universal charging and portable charging case options, with a broad spectrum of flavour options the RELX closed pod systems can present more options to more users…as long as you enjoy menthol.

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