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Nicotine Pouches 101 - 180 Smoke

Nicotine Pouches 101

Apr 29, 2024 | 101 Guides, Vaping News

Lately, traditional tobacco users have been exploring alternatives for enjoying nicotine, and today, we’re unveiling a new option – nicotine pouches. It has quickly risen as a top choice for those seeking different avenues to satisfy their nicotine cravings. In this blog post, we’ll unpack the idea of nicotine pouches for you and shed light on why you should consider this new form of nicotine.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small and pre-portioned bags filled with snus, containing nicotine and other ingredients like flavourings and plant-based fibers. A key distinction that sets white snus nicotine pouches apart from traditional tobacco products is that they are 99% tobacco-free with only a small amount of tobacco present.

Nicotine pouches are typically available in packages or cans, depending on the brands. For example, Siberia offers both traditional snus and white snus in packages (10 units) and can (5 units).

What is snus?

Snus is the content that fills up a nicotine pouch, whether they are traditional snus or white snus. Traditional snus usually has a brown colour due to the fermentation process, while white snus has a white or off-white appearance due to the removal of excess moisture and lack of fermentation, and is often perceived as having a milder taste and less drip compared to traditional snus.

How to use nicotine pouches

Simply place the teabag-like pouch between your gum and lip, where the nicotine is absorbed through saliva and the mouth’s mucous membranes.

Once you no longer feel the effects of nicotine, remove and dispose of the pouch. Unlike chewing tobacco, there’s no need to chew the pouch or spit afterward.

Why nicotine pouches might be a better option

  • A discreet and convenient way to enjoy nicotine
    • Nicotine pouches are small and do not create smoke or smell, so you can enjoy nicotine discreetly. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where smoking or vaping is prohibited or frowned upon.
  • No Smoke or Odour
    • Unlike cigarettes or vapes, nicotine pouches don’t emit smoke/vapor or leave any lingering odour, making them a socially acceptable way to consume nicotine without exposing others to secondhand smoke.
  • No preparation or maintenance required
    • Nicotine pouches are convenient use-and-dispose products that require no preparation or upkeep – unlike vaping devices, which entail regular maintenance like charging batteries, changing coils, and replenishing liquids.
  • A less harmful alternative
    • Nicotine pouches do not involve combustion or inhaling of smoke, which reduces exposure to many carcinogens and other harmful substances commonly associated with smoking or chewing tobacco. This reduction in exposure helps lower the risks of health issues such as lung cancer and heart disease linked to smoking, as well as oral cancers and gum disease associated with chewing tobacco.

How to Get Pouches

You can purchase Siberia White Snus nicotine pouches online only at 180smoke.ca!

Reviewed By Sean Brady

Sean is the E-Commerce Manager for 180 Smoke Vape Store, and has worked with the company since 2016. He has a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration (UPEI 2009), a background in culinary arts with a focus on pastry, and agricultural roots. Sean also manages Customer Services and works closely with the Supply Chain and Warehouse divisions to ensure 180 Smoke is on the leading edge with product offerings, and delivers the upmost satisfaction to their customers.