As pod systems have gained popularity among vapers, JUUL Labs has emerged as an industry powerhouse, inspiring the development and design of various devices in the vaping industry. As a brand, JUUL Labs has committed to a single device, which is focused entirely on ease-of-use and portability, which has played a huge role in the overall success of JUUL as a brand.

For new vapers, or vapers unfamiliar with the JUUL, we’ve compiled some answers to a few frequently asked questions about JUUL. Hopefully, this will help if you are having issues with your device or if you’re unsure whether the JUUL is right for you.

What is the JUUL?

To put it simply, the JUUL is an ultra-portable closed pod device that favours ease-of-use over customizability and power. That being said, the JUUL still offers an incredibly satisfying vaping experience, thanks to its proprietary e-liquid and pod design. Ultimately, the success of the JUUL device stems from the brand’s commitment to the new vapers who are simply looking for a way to quit smoking.

What products does JUUL offer?

In terms of devices, JUUL Labs currently offers a single device, though multiple colourways are available. The device itself features a magnetic charging base (which connects to proprietary charger), 200mAh internal cell, and draw activation. The wattage on the device is fixed and a small LED indicator showcases the battery life on the device. Tapping the side of the device turns the LED on, and either a green, yellow, or red light will appear.

As a closed pod system, all JUUL devices require pre-filled pods. JUUL Canada currently offers six different flavours, including Mint, Fruit, Mango, Cucumber, Vanilla, and Virginia Tobacco

NOTE: JUUL will soon cease the production of all flavours on JUUL pods, with the exception of Mint and Virginia Tobacco. Flavours will not be pulled off the shelves, but once they are sold they will not be restocked.

How do I use my JUUL device?

Built with simplicity in mind the JUUL is perfect for transitioning smokers that may be completely new to vaping. The device does not feature any user controls and users simply need to inhale off the JUUL to fire it.

Checking the battery on the device is as simple as tapping the side of the body and waiting for the LED to display the current battery remaining.

Can I refill my JUUL pods with my own e-liquid?

The JUUL is a closed pod system, meaning it cannot be filled by the user and must be discarded once it is empty.

How do I change the pod on my JUUL?

JUUL pods are designed to be press-fit into the device and are held via a small tab. To remove the pod, simply grip the black mouthpiece firmly and pull the pod out. To install a new pod, remove it from the packaging, take off the plastic sleeve, and insert the clear end into the opening of your JUUL device.

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How long will my JUUL pods last?

This will depend on entirley how much you are using your device. The pods themselves have a 0.7mL capacity. This may seem quite small, but the low power of the device ensures the JUUL will not blow through e-liquid at a rapid rate.

How do I charge my JUUL?

Unlike the majority of vape devices, the JUUL utilizes a proprietary charging system that connects to a standard USB port. The charger also magnetically connects to the device, ensuring a snug and secure hold.

What sort of nicotine is used in JUUL pods?

JUUL pods use nicotine salt which is the naturally occurring state of nicotine found in tobacco. Nicotine salts also more closely emulate the nicotine absorption rate of traditional smoking, while also providing a smoother inhale.

How do I clean my JUUL?

Because of the simplicity of the JUUL, cleaning the device obsessively is not necessary, but should still be done occasionally to ensure the device is firing properly. To properly clean the JUUL, simply remove the pod and gently clean the opening with a q-tip to remove any debris or e-liquid.

How should I store my JUUL?

Your JUUL device should never be stored without a charge for longer than two weeks. For safety reasons, JUUL recommends charging the device entirely while the pod is removed. As with all nicotine products, it is best to keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Will my JUUL pods expire?

While JUUL pods will not expire for at least a year, they are designed to be used shortly after purchase. After a year, you may notice a decrease in nicotine potency, as well as the overall flavour.

To ensure the quality of your JUUL pods, store them unopened in a dry environment that is also room temperature.

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Where can I purchase the JUUL and JUUL Pods?

You can purchase the JUUL and JUUL Pods at any 180 Smoke location. At each location, we stock a wide variety of flavoured pods in various nicotine strengths as well as the JUUL Starter Kit. Along with our wide selection of JUUL products, all of our dedicated sales staff are experts on the product and can assist in any questions you may have.

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