As the vaping industry has evolved – much like cellphones – devices have grown and shrunk in size offering a wide range of variety and versatility that offers users a number of different options. We have gone over the different types of vapes that are available and what their advantages and disadvantages are, largely, the choice comes down to balancing convenience against versatility.

There are currently several overlapping categories that devices fall into:

    • Disposables
    • Closed Pod
    • Open Pod
    • Pod Mods
    • Box mods



    Disposable vapes are an all-in-one system that is prefilled and precharged. They require no additional knowledge or work to operate, they are the easiest devices to use and by far the most convenient and accessible – perfect for new vapers. They range in size and scope from incredibly small, low capacity, mouth to lung cigalike type devices such as the Allo original, to larger restricted mouth to lung devices such as the Envi and Allo Ultra. Disposable vapes are convienent but are generally more expensive compared to open and closed pod systems, they also produce more waste compared to other devices.

    Allo Ultra

    Open Pod

    Open pod systems use propriety connections between the eliquid reservoir (called a tank or a pod) and the battery but allow users to use any type of eliquid they want, offering more choice at the cost of convenience. Users have access to an endless number of flavours and nic strengths, airflow, size, battery capacity, and wattage. There is a wide range of options available including fixed power or airflow such as the original Novo, to variable wattage systems like the Nfix and Vmate up to the IPX 80 that is classified as a Mod Pod device which can produce vapour clouds that rival box mod systems.

    SMOK IPX 80

    Closed Pod

    Closed Pod systems generally prioritize cleanliness and convenience over versatility and cost with their incredibly simple plug and play functionality. While it’s not as easy to use as a disposable vape, closed pod systems are much easier and cleaner than an open pod system. They are incredibly pocket friendly but many also have proprietary charging systems such as JUUL and the ePod, and every device has its own specific cartridges that only work with that device. Closed Pod systems are limited to whatever flavours are available for that type of cartridge. STLTH and SnowPlus incorporate flavours from 3rd party suppliers for more variety but open pod systems have more flavour diversity because you have the ability to choose any liquids that is available. Most closed pods generally offer a cigalike vaping experience without any draw restriction options.


    Box Mods

    Box Mods use standard 510 power connections between tank and mod allowing the user to custom design systems that meet their specific needs. Vape tanks are available with a wide range of options, from compact mouth to lung tanks like the Nautalis XS/2S, up to the SMOK TVF 18. 510 threaded Box Mods are also available in a wide range of options from incredibly small but with internal batteries like the Aspire Rover 2 kit, to single battery systems like the Aegis Solo, up to the high power Drag 3 kit. Box Mods are the ultimate in customizability and versatility but at the cost of convenience.

    drag 3tfv 18

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