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Best E-Liquid Flavors for 2022 | 180 Smoke

Best E-Liquid Flavors for 2022

Aug 2, 2022 | Buying Guides, E-cigarette/Vape Kits, E-juice, Product Recommendations, Vaping Wiki

One of the favourable aspects of re-filling your vape pods is having the ability to try different flavour combos to find one that you like. Therefore, while the taste is subjective to each person, we’ve put together a list of what we think are some of the best e-liquid flavours for 2022. Let us know if you’ve tried these e-liquid flavours in the comments and whether you have a flavour combo we haven’t listed.

Polar Mint Freeze E-Liquid – Ace

First on our list of what we think is one of the best e-liquid flavours for 2022 is the Polar Mint Freeze by Ace. Featuring a chill mix of menthol and mint, this e-liquid is both refreshing and frosty. It offers a smooth hit that will invigorate your senses. It also comes in 4 nicotine strengths, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, with a VG/PG Ratio of 70/30.

Great Grape Nic Salts – Salt Nix

Next on our list, we have the mouthwatering Great Grape Nic Salts by Salt Nix. This e-liquid offers you a juicy grape flavour combo with a sweet and delicious drag every time. The Great Grape Nic Salts comes in two nicotine strengths, 10mg and 20mg and is the perfect tartness of a true purple grape. Further, the VG/PG Ratio for this e-liquid is 50/50

Pachamama Salts – Fuji

Fuji from the Pachamama Salts line by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the perfect option for people looking to satisfy an extreme fruit craving: a delicious blend of crisp apples, juicy strawberries, and tangy nectarines. Pachamama Salts Fuji is available in 10 or 20mg/mL of nicotine salts, and Bold 50 – a 20mg/mL hybrid nicotine blend of freebase and salts, developed to replace the satisfaction of the original 50mg/mL option no longer available due to federal regulations. In addition, the VG/PG Ratio for this e-liquid is 50/50.

Big Tobacco Hybrid E-Liquid – Big Hit

Another one of the best e-liquid flavours of 2022 is the Big Tobacco Hybrid E-Liquid by Big Hit. Featuring hints of caramel and graham cracker, this e-liquid provides you with a sweet and earth blend perfect for individuals who enjoy subtle flavours that don’t overpower each drag. This e-liquid flavour comes in two nicotine strengths, 10 mg and 20 mg, with a VG/PG Ratio of 50/50.

Pachamama Ice E-Liquid – Fuji Apple

Like the popular original e-liquid and salts, Pachamama Ice Fuji E-Liquid offers crisp notes of apples, fresh strawberries, and juicy nectarines with an explosion of icy menthol. The perfect blend of frosty and tropical from the Pachamama Ice line, this e-liquid comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg with a VG/PG Ratio of 70/30.

Sydney E-Liquid – Explore

Next on our list, we have a delicious cocktail blend of watermelon and strawberry flavours with a subtle hint of mixed berries and melons. This is a solid first-choice option for vapers looking to experience a tropical explosion with each hit. Further, the Sydney E-Liquid by Explore offers nicotine strengths of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg with a VG/PG Ratio of 70/30, and is also available as a 50/50 nic salt.

Mangabeys E-Liquid – Twelve Monkeys

Last on our list, we have the Mangabeys E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys. This e-liquid offers a tropical blend of juicy mango, honeyed guava, and a splash of sharp pineapple for a tasty finish that will have you feeling like you’re at a beach oasis. Further, this e-liquid offers nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg with a VG/PG Ratio of 65/35. This mouthwatering flavour can also be enjoyed in Mangabeys Nic Salts and Mangabeys Iced Nic Salts.